We are a missions oriented congregation. Our sponsored missionaries and organizations are supported both financially and with prayer support on a regular basis. Going beyond our sponsored missionaries, special projects are often considered with financial and prayer support. (i.e. The India Mission for Evangelism support as described at the bottom of this page).
Gary C. Meyer, a member of Valley View Baptist, was supported financially and prayerfully to minister on the campus of Peniel Seminary in Kerala, India, in Feb 2017. Gary served on this mission board for 42 years. Visit  the T.I.M.E. website to explore this ministry.
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Video From India - During Trip
Bud and Lois Fuchs
NAB Cross Cultural
Mitch and Jenny Hoskins
Papua New Guinea
Derek and Kristy Johnson
Papua New Guinea
Village Creek Bible Camp
Waterville, IA 
Alliance Defending
Dan Hennings
World Impact - TUMI
Carolyn Hennings
World Impact - TUMI
The India Mission for Evangelism 
Shebuel Varghese
       Hennings Report May 27, 2018 
Madeleine Buland
 Oct 2019 Report
Newsletter Oct 2019
We are sorry to report that Dr Chacko Varghese, founder of TIME, passed away in Nov 2022. He leaves a great legacy and a Seminary in India that will carry on this ministry under the supervision of the TIME  board in India and the United States..